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Friends Only.

This livejournal is Friends Only.
I also go by the names Keladryie, StarConstant and SkyPirateKella.

thiefofcamorr is named as such for my great love for The Gentleman Bastard Sequence by Scott Lynch.

we are ready for the siege
we are armed up to the teeth
be careful how you live and breathe
release what's brewing underneath
we can laugh about it now
we hope everything works out
be careful how you lick your wounds
believe the change is coming soon
let us bruise their knees
we will aim straight for the feed
and you'll be relieved
so relieved so relieved
you said you believed it but believing wont fly
and right before you hit your prime
that's when we fell in love but not the first time
and when it's all over and you open your eyes
to see the room turned on it's side
you'll be lying by a note on the floor signed...
...the royal we